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Things really do grow

It stills blows my mind that a tiny seed no bigger than a grain of rice can grow and flourish into a tall and colourful plant. With good compost, light, warmth and water, the little things can grow fast and big!

Earlier this year I cut back more of our back lawn (much to the delight of Mr Brown) to enlarge our flower bed.  With garden centres closed and plant stock being low even on-line, I took the opportunity to grow some plants from seed.

So from humble beginnings the new bed has flourished and is full of colour, with even more to appear in the coming weeks.


Take it slowly

During my first year of intensive seed sowing and using a heated propagator I have learned a great deal, including that I need to be more patient.

In the excitement of seed sowing, (yes I do find it exciting) I put three types of seed into one large tray.  I know, an amateur mistake that I should not have made.  You probably know exactly what is going to happen next…yep, once they had germinated they were all mixed up and pretty much looked identical.  In my defense, I had run out of seed trays, but again due to the sheer excitement and lack of patience, refused to wait for two more to come free.

I have planted them out into the garden this week, trying my very best to keep similar seedlings together to create clumps.

Looking forward to them growing more to see if I actually managed to clump the same ones together or if they are just one big mashup.



I was lucky to get a heated propagator earlier this year and I have been putting it to good use in helping with my many seeds I have sown.   It’s amazing how much a bit of bottom heat (I know, I said bottom) and lovely bright light really helps the little seeds germinate.  I am still surprised how one tiny seed, the size of a grain of sand can grow into a large green and floral plant, it kind of blows my mind.

This year, unlike previous years I have grown all my seasonal plants from seed, which I also think really gives you a huge warm glow watching them appear from the depths of the dark compost into little plants.

The success rate has been pretty good, with the majority of seeds germinating and flourishing.  However, there were a few that didn’t do anything.  This may be down to my impatience or just my lack of previous experience.

These are some of the seeds that have done really well.
Teasel, Gaura, Nasturtium, Lychnis, Salvia, Courgette, Lupin, Antirrhinum, Cosmos, Spring onion, Wild Rocket, Sunflowers, Peppers and the tumbling Tomatoes.

If you’re new to gardening or propagation, give it a go, what is the worst that can happen? You can use a nice sunny windowsill and you’ll have lots of cheap plants that you can be proud of!

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