Although gardening is pretty much always about planning ahead, you do have to remember to enjoy the present!

This can be planting bulbs or seeds to bloom in months to come, planting a small plug in a big space to allow it to grow and flourish with plenty room.  Now is the time you can start to plant your spring flowering bulbs.  Heading into the winter months with the shorter days, thinking about spring is always a positive thing to do, you know that the winter won’t last forever and the colour and life will appear again above the soil.

This year I have selected just a few bulbs for my garden pots.  You could quite easily spend a fortune on bulbs, the choice you have is amazing, but you need to focus on the style, colour, form and look you want to create.

I have chosen quite a simple colour palette of pinks, yellow and white.  By doing this I hope that each plant form will be seen better, rather than the mix of colours take over.  I love tulips, but have been a bit disappointed in some of them in recent years, so I just went for two varieties Pretty Princes and Little Beauty.

I also went for the staple spring flower the Narcissi Segovia and the pretty Daffodil Actaea, which I will mix with some Allium unifolium,  Anemone blanda “White Splendour and Crocus chrysanthus “Ard Schenk”

So I am looking forward to spring, but making sure I also enjoy the autumn colours and enjoy the dormancy of the winter season, knowing that the garden will spring in to life again.