The garden I usually work in, (when the world isn’t on lock down) has a fantastic glass house with plenty space to grow lots of unusual plants.  They also grow your more common plants and seeds for pots and plants for the house and garden. The glass house provides light and warmth, which let’s be honest can be in short supply during a Scottish winter.  It’s always a lovely place to be sent to work during a cold and wet day.

I would love a glass house like it at my home, but I think the whole area would probably be the same size as my entire back garden!  So, I went for the next best thing and bought myself a fairly large heated and lit propagator, which has made its home in our garage.

I have the lights on a timer for about 12 hours per day and the heat set at 20-23C depending on how I am feeling.  I haven’t grown many things from seed in the past, but it’s such a good time to do it and it’s a lot cheaper too…(if they germinate)

As a member of the RHS I was able to buy a lot of seeds from them as part of their Seed Scheme which I would highly recommend.  Some of them were especially enjoyed by pollinators and others that would  “Green up Britain”   On the food front I have courgettes and chilli peppers already in the propagator and am still to receive carrots, sweet peppers and tomatoes through the post.

A lot of my back garden is made up of beds for flowers and plants for all year round interest, I’ve never been an avid fruit and vegetable grower so don’t have much space that I can dedicate to fruit and vegetables, which is the reason I am thinking of planting the vegetable seedlings into pots.

It’s early days still but the courgettes have flourished and are already out of their small seed tray and into individual pots.  I think it might be a bit of a juggling act to a) find space to germinate all these seeds and b) find somewhere to grow them on.  I think friends and family may find a pot or two left on their doorstep later in the season.