I was never really a “mulcher” (I know I’ve just made up a new word) before I started working as a gardener, but now you might call me converted.

There’s all types of mulch you can use on your garden, either to reduce weeds and retain moisture, with gravel, or to feed and improve the structure of the soil by adding organic matter and nutrients.   Last year I just went for simple bark chippings, they looked great and did the job brilliantly, however the thing against them is that to break down fully they have to take the nitrogen out of the soil, which in the whole scheme of things isn’t ideal.  So, this year  I have gone for the Winter Mulch from Garden Solutions in East Lothian.  I also bought a bag of the Rose Mulch, to give my roses an extra helping hand after I had moved them earlier in the summer, which they weren’t too impressed by.

The rose mulch has a great mix of ingredients to keep your roses happy, including horse manure, composted bark, calcified seaweed and bone meal.  It also appears it is very appealing to our dog, who has sampled it and gives it the thumbs up.

The winter mulch has added fertiliser but not nitrogen as this isn’t important during the winter, as there are no leaves to look after on most plants.  It feeds the soil to help the roots grow and strengthen.  With a couple of inches of this lovely mulch on the bed the soil temperature will be slightly higher, helping all the micro-organisms go about their business in the colder months.  It’s like putting a big woolly blanket on your flower bed.