This weekend I cut back a lot of the herbaceous perennials and also moved some that were in the wrong position.  They were either hidden behind something too bulky or they were just too big for the space, swamping anything that was trying to grow beside them.  It’s quite a satisfying task and I am looking forward to seeing the new planting next spring and summer.

The beds are now looking a bit empty and I can see soil, which I haven’t seen for at least 4 months.  I have kept anything that has winter interest or will provide shelter for wildlife over the cold winter months.

I also moved my grow house, as I call it, to the other side of the garden where the sun still gets to, to try and keep it a little warmer.  I’ve put the foxglove seedlings in there and also my sweet peas, which I am hoping will survive.  I have some wool packaging around the sides and will also be adding bubble wrap in the next few weeks.

Nearly all the bulbs I ordered have been planted, it’s just the snowdrops to add to the front lawn, which I better get a move on with.

What have you been doing in your garden to get it ready for the winter?

My next task is to get the pot in the front sorted and get it looking good for winter and spring.