The Katie of the past didn’t keep a note of plant or bulb names, she just merrily planted them, hoped for the best and if someone asked, “what’s that lovely plant?”, she would just reply with, “um, I don’t know”

How times have changed, or at least they’re changing.  Doing the horticultural course with the RHS  and gardening in a professional capacity I am having to learn Latin names for everything, which for someone who isn’t good at languages is a struggle.  I might be able to say some or spell others, but it’s rare to be able to spell and pronounce everything.

So, the Katie of the present and future is going to gather the names and cultivars of the plants. I will then be able to look after them better and give an answer when someone asks “what’s that plant?”.

A great example of this is a beautiful tulip that I have in a couple of pots on our patio.  They are petite, but pack a punch when they sit in the sun, with a bright yellow centre.  They are stunning and I was talking to a fellow RHS student about them and she identified them as Tulip tarda.  After researching them, I think that’s exactly what they are.

It seems to be a popular flower for buzzing friends too!