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Month: June 2020

Cut back

During the lock-down I have perfected my hair cutting skills and also expanded my clientele by over 100%.  I am now doing the dogs hair, the husbands and my very own.  Stood in front of a mirror armed with a set of very sharp scissors and a glint in my eye I ended up with not a bad “do”.

With no one else’s hair to cut, I went outside to prune some of the spring flowering shrubs. It’s an ideal time to prune these as they flower on the previous year’s growth, so any new growth that occurs after the prune should flower next spring.  The shrubs that are in this group include Forsythia, Lilac, Azalea, Camellia and Kerria Japonica, to name a few.

You don’t need to go mad chopping away at them all.  Check their shape and height and if they are growing a bit wild, then tidy them up.  It also allows you to check for any Dead, Dying, Damaged or Diseased branches and any that are Crossing or Rubbing against each other.  It will allow more air and light into the plant helping prevent pests and diseases.

While you are in the garden, it’s also good practice to cut any dead flowers back to keep things looking neat.  I cut back the dying Lupinus flowers to help encourage new growth and also the spent flowers from the Primula denticulata.

Camellia flower


Take it slowly

During my first year of intensive seed sowing and using a heated propagator I have learned a great deal, including that I need to be more patient.

In the excitement of seed sowing, (yes I do find it exciting) I put three types of seed into one large tray.  I know, an amateur mistake that I should not have made.  You probably know exactly what is going to happen next…yep, once they had germinated they were all mixed up and pretty much looked identical.  In my defense, I had run out of seed trays, but again due to the sheer excitement and lack of patience, refused to wait for two more to come free.

I have planted them out into the garden this week, trying my very best to keep similar seedlings together to create clumps.

Looking forward to them growing more to see if I actually managed to clump the same ones together or if they are just one big mashup.


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